06 April 2015


When human beings have invented telescopes to observe the sky, science immediately recorded significant progress in understanding the Universe. 

The tool of Galileo was created in Holland. Galileo improved the new optical instrument though his telescope remained a very simple arrangement of glass lenses. But the whole vision of the world was changed.



Power of democracy depends on the conscience of each citizen. Fracture naturally carves out of the relationship of the citizens and their governments because of the complexity of the laws and their rapid development. This is why the Parliaments attache so much importance to the information of citizens about governance. In fact, the creation of the Observatory for the Citizens is an idea of one of its most eminent MP of the European Parliament: Alain Lamassoure.

Public policies cannot be correctly evaluated by the State alone. The principle is that one may not be judge and party.

Independent assessment of public policies by a third party represents a major progress for the benefit of general interest.


The aim of the Observatory for the Citizens is to contribute to the harmony of the laws by providing the necessary information so that stakeholders may implement them at the highest level of science, technique and ethic.

The University uses special software to display the implementation of global regulation in each Member State; this software is called MeM (Mutual evaluation Module). The Observatory uses Internet to collect the observations of the citizens on each transposed national measures.