06 April 2015



Following the proposal of the European Round Table of industrialists (ERT), Jacques Delors launched a plan to remove technical barriers to trade and to put an end to the fragmented national regulatory system. 

Harmonised  legislation is based on 23 transverse directives, which set up the essential requirements covering  the main sectors of European industries. The implementation of these requirements is ensured by referred to standards prepared by the stakeholders. A global approach rules conformity assessment so that only safe products may be placed on the market.

Launched in 1985, this new and global approach became the main source of the global world in which we are today (C.f. The World Single Market on this website). The opening of the European internal market, which used to be the largest market in the world, finally offered many advantages to other economic areas than to Europe.

This global approach is the source of the Global World University. Its teachings are designed to give the keys of this approach to public administrators and private managers and to share the best practice among stakeholders, so that the civil societies can enjoy all the benefits produced by the global world.