06 April 2015


Jump like a kid and scream: “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” is of little effect as de Gaulle would ironize. 

Speeches showing the way are quite useful. Especially when they are part of well-prepared action plans. But they are rarely sufficient to eliminate unemployment.

Full employment is not the result of simple trends. It is the result of deliberate choices, coherent and coordinated policies and efficient investments to use the unemployed resource.

In today’s world, jobs mainly result from the competitiveness of an economy, i.e. the level and quality of investments a system develop to satisfy the demand.


1. The contribution of global requirements, concerning environment in particular, research and training are decisive.

Many global regulations, such as the directives which require that buildings should consume little energy, imply heavy investments in know-how and carry an important economic demand. Investing properly opens vast Domestic and World markets.

If these regulations are just speeches and remain in the Official Gazettes, their impact if of course reduces. Their implementation meets high resistance from existing pressure groups and very strong efforts are necessary to achieve significant results. This entirely relies on Member States policies, research, training and stakeholders’ participation.