06 April 2015

Scientific Council

Last meeting of the Scientific Council took place at the Castello della Rover on 6 February 2015, Participants were: Presidents of Global World University and of St John's University, Professors Arioli, Gennuso, Profiroiu, Souloumiac and Zampetri. Was also invited as special guest, Mr Dragan Jakovljevic, representing the Republic of Serbia .

The Scientific Council decided to adopt the new protocol of harmonisation audit including the attached accreditation training programmes for the auditors.


1. Background

To face the raising costs of bad regulations, in line with good governance improvement, several authorities are launching or preparing to launch audits to analyse the processes developed harmonise their national legislation with global regulations. To answer this need, the Scientific Council of the Global World University had previously established:

  • special courses and certificates to train harmoniser,   
  • appropriate protocols including metrics to assure conformity of transposition projects.
  • comparative tables to develop best implementation practice.

To develop awareness for continuous improvement, the Scientific Council has prepared and adopted Harmonisation audit Protocol to measure the correctness and efficiency of existing process.

2. New tools

The expert representing the working group has submitted three protocols which the Council has adopted:

  • a harmonisation audit protocol determines the criteria used to measure the efficiency of the harmonisation process,   
  • an accreditation of certifying bodies protocol sets the ways audits are managed.
  • a protocol on auditors for harmonisation which regulates the recruitment, training and accreditation of the auditors.