06 April 2015


The aim of the World University is to collect, assemble and disseminate one global knowledge based on excellence. Within the Global World University, various training modules and workshops for university members and other interested parties are organised within specific cooperation agreements.

1.     Examples of training support on implementation of global regulations

  • importance of global regulations
  • general rules relating to transposition
  • labelled directives
  • language consistency
  • regulatory impact assessment
  • national transposing measures
  • implementation process.

2. Coach, editors and referents

  • participation of stakeholders
  • recruit and train referents
  • manage working groups
  • manage public funds
  • harmonisation audit protocols
  • evaluation and report
  • prepare and report sessions

3. Compare and evaluate implementation

  • Protocol of mutual Evaluation
  • load and translate national legislation
  • blogs and reports
  • monitor evaluation

4. Edit, comment and publish regulations

  • author rights of evaluators and contributors
  • software management of rights and publications
  • sales policy.

The courses and programmes are protected by author and copyrights. To know more uste the COOPERATE contact sheet.